terça-feira, setembro 20, 2005

registros coletivos da vizinhança

Gostei deste projeto de documentação coletiva de vizinhanças. Isso abre várias possibilidades educativas: da expressão poética à denúncia sobre o descaso, do registro da história à luta pela preservação.

where you are

Whereyouare is an experiment in the collective documentation of neighborhoods. I began this project with the idea of documenting my own neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, whose quirky and ephemeral beauties are currently endangered by a wave of new development. As with most people, recent events have radically altered my idea of what an endangered or lost neighborhood is, and it seemed right to open the project up for wider use.

Everyone is invited to participate by documenting any neighborhood they love. Those with material from neighborhoods which have now been damaged or destroyed by Katrina are especially warmly encouraged to contribute.

The project harnesses the power of folksonomy tags from a range of sites that host and organize content of different kinds (flickr for photos, vimeo for video, delicious for links, etc.). To contribute, you simply tag your content with a tag that is unique to your neighborhood and the project, and content is brought together here.

As the project is just beginning, most neighborhoods on this site don't have material yet -- to get a feel for how things work, visit the Williamsburg page.

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