domingo, setembro 11, 2005

Software social evidencia a opinião sobre serviços médicos

Olhem esta proposta de software social que reúne a opinião dos pacientes sobre o serviço médico. Seria fantástico fazer algo do tipo por aqui. Aliás, recomendo este blog, o Many2Many, que apresenta e discute propostas de software sociais.

Patient Opinion
(posted by Ross Mayfield)

Patient Opinion is all about enabling patients to share their experiences of health care, and by doing so help other patients — and perhaps even change the NHS. As well as allowing everyone to see what patients are saying about their services, it also offers a way to feed the experience of patients back to the NHS so that their insights and ideas can be put to good use.
They leverage structured calls on a new NHS web service for data about health service providers, then let people tag and blog about their experience with them. What a wonderful feedback loop.

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