terça-feira, maio 15, 2007

Precisa de um álibi? Tem na rede.

Na internet tem todo tipo de serviço, disso a gente já sabia.
Mas adorei conhecer o Alibi Network, um site que resolve qualquer parada para quem está em apuros e precisa comprovar que estava num oooutro lugar, evitando incômodas saias justas.

"Your bank account, your health record, your genetic code, your personal and shopping habits and sexual interests are your own business, control of information must rest with person himself.

We provide alibis and excuses for our clients. Whether it is spending a night out with a special friend, taking a day off from work, sending a discreet gift, avoiding your neighbor's birthday party or planning a surprise for the loved ones.
Now it is all possible... And it is all discreet. We put you in control and let you choose between local and out of town alibis with the option to have alibis validated by live operators.

Alibi Network has been founded to provide services that would protect people's privacy and ensure their anonymity. Such privacy services include completely untraceable, confidential and anonymous purchasing which allows you to buy anything without anyone else knowing about it! We offer a completely private mail receiving and forwarding service through which you can get all mail and packages discreetly. And there is much more!"

O mais engraçado é que há, no texto do contrato, uma cláusula afirmando que o serviço não pode ser usado para fins ilegais! Olha lá, hein gente... Arranjar um álibi tudo bem, mas cair na ilegalidade...

Dica do Alfarrábio, que cita o site da Piauí.

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