sábado, abril 08, 2006

Google Ad Sense: será que um dia agregará sentido?

Fantástico este post no Smart Mobs, sobre o vínculo entre o tema em pesquisa no Google e os links pagos que aparecem como propaganda na coluna da direita.
Vale à pena ler, mas para quem não sabe inglês, um breve resumo:
O Mongabay é um site que fala sobre ecologia e o impacto da tecnologia e do desenvolvimento na natureza e na vida na Terra. Pois bem, ao lado de um texto que falava sobre a descoberta da "resistência" das formigas, em termos de tempo de existência no planeta, não é que o Google AdSense acrescentou links sobre pesticidas e formicidas?
Vai levar tempo até ensinar estas máquinas a entenderem o que é CONTEXTO !!!

But will ants be able to survive Google AdSense?

Posted by Judy Breck at 06:10 AM

Mongabay.com has posted interesting new information from the National Science Foundation about ants. They are resilient insects whose ancestry is far older than previously thought:

Ants are considerably older than previously believed, having originated 140 to 168 million years ago, according to new research on the cover of this week's issue of the journal Science.

But these resilient insects, now found in terrestrial ecosystems the world over, apparently began to diversify only about 100 million years ago in concert with the flowering plants, the scientists say.

"This study integrates numerous fossil records and a large molecular data set to infer the evolutionary radiation of ants, which have deeper roots than we thought," said Chuck Lydeard, program director in NSF's Division of Environmental Biology, which funded the research.

Certainly, these hearty creatures have survived many threats, but when you take a look at the ads which were served by Google to accompany the Mongabay post, you kinda wonder if the ants will survive what is being served at them virtually today.
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