terça-feira, abril 25, 2006

Até a abstração necessita dos signos

Mais uma reflexão do Bakhtin, que sempre merece ser citado:
" In conclusion we should not upon one more important problem, that of the boundaries of chronotopic analysis. Science, art and literature also involve semantic elements that are not subject to temporal and spatial determinations. Of such a sort, for instance, are mathematical concepts: we make use of them for measuring spatial and temporal phenomena. But meanings exist not only in abstract cognition , they exist in atistic thought as well. These artistic meaning are likewise not subject to temporaland spacial determinations. We somehow manage however to endow all phenomena with meaning, that is, we incorporate them not only into the sphere of partial and temporal existence but also into a semantic sphere. This process of assigning meaning also involves some assigning of value. But questions concerning the form that existence assumes in this sphere, and the nature and form of the evaluations that give sense to existence, are purely philosphical (although not, of course, metaphysical) and we will not engage them here. For us the folowing is important: whatever these meaning turn out to be, in order to enter our experience (which is social experience) they must take ont the form of a sign that is audible and visible for us (a hyeroglyph, a mathematical formula, a verbal or linguistic expresion, a sketch, etc). Without such temporal-spatial expression, even abstract thought is impossible. Consequently, every entry into the sphere of meanings is accomplished only through the gates of chronotope".
De The Dialogic Imagination, fechamento do artigo "Forms of Time and Chronotope in the Novel"


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