sábado, outubro 15, 2005

o futuro do livro texto

Uma interessante discussão sobre o futuro do livro texto no blog if:book.
Gostei deste post,de Robert Martinego, que sugere que os materiais a serem usados na escola abram mão de sua qualidade de "texto didático" para permitirem aos alunos oprazer do convívio com a produção cultural do mundo "não traduzido" por educadores. Leiam o post:
"In my opinion, we are looking at this technology the wrong way. Rather than jacking up the stimulus with multimedia tricks to snag the attention of over-mediated students, lets use the technology to filter out the noise, to find deeper connections than the ones trapped in pre-packaged textbook format.
So how would we go about doing that? The first thing is to get rid of 'learning objectives'. There is nothing more dull than the textbook with all the answers, presented with faux 'discussion points'. Teachers bold and brave enough to base their classes on questions and ideas, rather than hierarchies, chronolgies and 'facts' are discovering that students would rather go to source material, not predigested pablum (and not slick multimedia either)"

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